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Financial Professionals

Have you ever thought about starting a career? Many of our associates have started a career with Lions part time. Meaning they were able to stay employed while building a business part time. This career path may not be for everyone, however, if you like to have flexible time that fits your lifestyle and helping people If you have been looking for an opportunity to make additional cashflow and get compensated based on your work ethic then contact us to learn more.

Here are some plans that many business owners are taking advantage.

Experienced Financial Professionals

  • Why do experienced producers like you come to Lions Partners Insurance Agency, Inc. It’s our competitive compensation plan with our agent support system. We truly believe in building a successful business for yourself but not by yourself. Keep ahead of the changing market place with our product training and sales support. We know you work hard, Lions wants to help you stream line your business so you can stay focused on the main thing-serving families. Contact us to join our team.


  • You are a trusted and respected financial professional; your clients seek you to help them address their financial concerns. However, to stay competitive in the market you know you need to expand your services for your clients. Many CPA's that offer financial products and services to their clients not only build a better retention of their clients, but increase their profits. If you would like to give your clients the full package and take advantage of opportunities to build additional assets contact us to join our team.


  • Would it surprise you that more than 50% of Lions associates are women? The industry has evolved and women have been taking charge in making a difference for their families. Learn how to be part of this movement by contact us for more information.